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Of course it is…. This cover, performed by two dudes on a couch with a violin, has racked up over 1 million views.

Pretty sweet dance moves. Park Jae-Sang transforms himself into Lady Gaga for the night. Megan covers everything from the latest viral videos to online video news and tips, and has a passion for bizarre, original and revolutionary content and ideas.

What is Gangnam Style? And What Does it Mean for Business?

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Sign up. ESPN will create a daily sports show for Quibi's streaming service.

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The three best platforms for music production. Latest in Entertainment. Sponsored Links. Via: Boing Boing. PSY spent a semester here in , when he was known as Park Jae-sang.

YouTube’s top 10 viral videos of 2012 have ‘Gangnam Style’

He later attended Berklee College of Music before returning to South Korea, where he recorded his first album in Expect to see more of PSY. If you have a suggestion for a question we should ask, post it in the comments section below. Joe Chan Profile. Alan Wong oversees a team of video producers who create video content for BU's online editorial publications and social media channels.

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He said the song is mocking the people who live in the town Gangnam, South Korea. Gangnam is where the wealthiest people live in South Korea. I guess the dance moves and the images of the horses, expensive cars, and beach scenes are mocking this affluent way of life. Part 2 of this song has a similar meaning with another unique story!

Now, this is a YouSpeak we can all believe in.

PRODUCER TIP: How to be the next “Gangnam Style” |

Gangnam Style is a statement on the wild and exorbitant lifestyles of people who live in the Gangnam District of Seoul, Korea, which kind of like a Beverly Hills. I am offended. I rarely visit the BU homepage, but did so in order to reset my alumni password, after a student emailed me regarding an informational interview today.

That student reignited my interest in my Alma-mater. To my surprise, the homepage prominently greeted me with a Gangnam Style skit.