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Christmas decorations Let the house be bright and cheerful at Christmas, with plenty of holly and mistletoe distributed throughout. If there is a chandelier in the dining room have it hung with evergreens and holly, and from that carry long ropes of greens to each corner of the room, thus forming a canopy for the table. Fasten wreaths at all the windows. Red and green is most appropriate for the Christmas table. In the center place a bowl filled with red carnations surrounded with holly, and four single candles in silver or glass sticks with scarlet shades to further carry out the bright and cheering color scheme.

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One can make different sizes, small ones for hair receivers or with a little pad in bottom for jewelry, also glove and handkerchief boxes. Cover empty thread boxes and fill with home-made candy. Editor E. Newton, of the Salida Mail, accompanied by Mrs. Newton, came in from Salida Tuesday evening, and went on to La Jara Wednesday morning, where they enjoyed Christmas at the home of Mrs.

George Fitzpatrick. Elks give The local lodge of Elks distributed many Christmas baskets in Alamosa and gladdened the hearts of the members of every unfortunate family in the city. Though only a couple of weeks old. Alamosa lodge No. To whom the baskets were sent will never be known save by the recipients, as the charity of Elks is worked in the dark and the good they do is only inscribed on the tablets of eternity.

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Old newspapers offer glimpse of Christmas past. More In Front Page. Date changed for voting equipment testing. Adobes being sold at labyrinth. We see you are enjoying our articles!

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Subscribe Watch Video No, thanks! I will stick to the free stuff. Enjoy this book with your families for Christmas' to come. A Glimpse From Christmas Past. It brought back memories of how the Christmas Holidays were celebrated in the Philadelphia area when we were growing up. It will be shared with our young Grandchildren so they can enjoy it. Great holiday book. I can't wait to read this to my kids at bedtime during the holidays this year. A "must read" for anyone from the Philadelphia region, but an all-round holiday treasure that anyone can enjoy.

This book will become part of your holiday traditions for years to come. It's a heartwarming remembrance, brought about by a family visit to Santa Claus that reminds us all of the true reason we celebrate Christmas. The story and artwork are both spot on to my recollection of our family trips downtown to visit Santa. This book brought back many special memories of growing up in a much simpler time and day. Especially enjoyed what Christmases in the past really meant and how we cherished them Nicely illustrated.

Would definitely recommend this book to those who would enjoy the "real" meaning of Christmas. Bought the book as keepsake and to reminisce about my childhood also.

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Very good memories of Philadelphia in 60's. Good friends with author. This is an adorable book that is well written and colorfully illustrated. It brings back fond memories of trips to downtown Philly to see the beautiful displays and Christmas shows at Wanamakers and of course to see Santa Claus.

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A great book to read to the kids on Christmas Eve! This is a delightful story for both young and old. It reminds readers of all the holiday joys each of us holds close to our hearts.

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The author writes about a beautiful and magical experience of his youth when he met with Santa Claus. Something a children dream about. My 3 and 6 year old daughters loved the story as much as me.

here I definitely remindsrecommend this book to anyone who enjoys a fun read that reminds us the true meaning of Chris tmas. I am sure you will be inspired to read it, time and time again, compelled to share it with family and friends. So come take a snowy walk with me down memory lane with your loved ones you will be glad you did. May it find its way into your hearts and onto your bookshelves to be read for years to come. Need Some Help? Contact Us. Register Login Sign up for our newsletter.

Find out the latest indie author news. For FREE. Sign up. Toggle navigation. Daniel C Donahue , author. Book Website. It's a story of a young father who while doing some last minute shopping, one snowy Christmas Eve, has a magical experience. He carefully turns a corner to look upon a scene through as shop window of a little girl getting onto Santa's lap. He begins to reminisce of a time with his own children and when he was younger doing much of the same things.

Then as the little girl hops off of Santa's lap he makes eye contact and they are both immediately taken back in time to a moment they both had shared