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When I visit places, I enjoy photographing the area more than visiting museums and partaking in typical"tourist" activities. Are there any special or in-particular views to capture? Also, are their any high-up areas that are freely accessible to capture the city looking down onto it? Rooftops, bell towers etc.

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The view Alan suggests is the "classic" one across to King's College Chapel. Clare college Fellows' Garden. It's beautiful and can't be seen from anywhere else unless you go in. Also once you've entered Clare college there are nice views from the river bank there and from Clare bridge towards King's in one direction and Garret Hostel Lane in the other. Edward's Passage or the tower of Great St. Take your pick of any of them really, but it might be worth going for some of the lesser known ones like Sidney Sussex, Emmanuel or Corpus Christi.

Lots of alleyways that can create beguiling views if you get the angle and light right. For the cheapest rooftop view go to the top of the Grand Arcade car park!! Its free and 6 stories up, which is failry high by Cambridge standards. For a quirky photographic angle, walk downstream from Magdalene Street punt station, once you get past Jesus Green Lock you start to see house boats on the near bank, and the college boathouses on the far bank. The houseboats come in all shapes, sizes and states of repair. This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity. We hope you'll join the conversation by posting to an open topic or starting a new one.

I have a proper soft spot for Cambridge and not just because it used to be home or even because Yaya studied there. Now, Cambridge is special for a lot of reasons but what I feel makes this English city truly incredible is it long, rich history and incredible buildings all across the city that are absolutely awe-inspiring to see.

When you do decide to visit and you really should here are some of the best things to do in Cambridge. Best of all, you can pop onto a punt and explore the city.

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Fondly known as the Mathematical Bridge the official name is the Wooden Bridge , this bridge is possibly one of the most famous wooden bridges in Southern England. Fitzbillies is one of my favourite spots for brunch. Make sure to visit the Corpus Clock for a fleeting visit. After strolling around the cobbled street, make sure to pop over to Market Square with its independent traders and craft stalls. All made locally, of course. Head inside, see the church and take a look at the gorgeous building. Be warned, we climbed the stone tower when the bells were ringing and the whole tower was shaking as the bells went off not like crazily so but enough that you could feel it!

Hi Claire, thanks for your message. This then allows you to post to Instagram. Alternatively there are a number of apps or plugins that allow you to upload to Instagram, most however will require payment. July 13, at am. Hi Lisa, Great summary! July 19, at am. Hi Michaela, Thanks for your comment! Your work is absolutely beautiful, I just had a peek at your website and Instagram. Really impressive! Where are you travelling to next? July 24, at am. I read in the comments that you will be on the south island of NZ later this year?

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I live in Alaska and will be moving there in just a couple months! Are you conducting any workshops while there?

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I am trying to take the next step in photography and currently enjoy shooting landscapes. It would be wonderful if our paths crossed! Shirley Chio. June 17, at pm. I am still learning photography using my phone camera.

see I am literally a beginner. Any tips for phone camera tricks? Lisa Michele Burns. June 21, at pm. Learning to see different angles and perspectives is a great way to take a step toward improving your photography. Erin Douglas. February 6, at am. This is a wonderful write-up. I have so many questions. Ultimately, i feel in love with travel photography when I took my first international and solo trip to the Philippines about 5 years ago. I love to just capture whats happening around me, the people, the culture, the food. And I absolutely love to talk to people about travel, inspire them to try it themselves.

I just started taking myself seriously as a photographer 3 years ago. However, I feel lost on how to get the type of clients I want and the type of work I want.

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In the mean time I just shoot for me. And putting together that PDF portfolio. Are my best my best?

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This one page has already helped and Ill be reaching out to you via email. David C. February 10, at pm. You have provided a great deal of information on a subject I am really interested in. I will be researching the websites on this list. Thanks for all your work on this topic.

I would be interested in your comments on my site if you had the time to look at it. This is a brilliant article on how to become a travel photographer and probably the most complete guide out there. I have read a lot of guides on how to take better pictures but there are very few that actually teach you how to go beyond that. To be honest, I do not think I will ever make it as a travel photographer. I love travelling and I love capturing my adventures in pictures.

And I know that I have some decent ones, but selling them seems like a daunting task. I have, however, tried selling pictures through microstock sites.

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Getty Images, Shutterstock and Adobe Stock are the ones I have uploaded the highest number of images to. From my experience, these websites require you to spend a long time creating hashtags and correctly labeling your photos for very little reward. It is great because once the work is done, you can earn money forever.

But chances are high that you will only get a few cents, if any at all. I think if you are serious about being a photographer, this one is not an option to consider. June 26, at pm.

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I am grateful to have the tips from Wanderinglens, the guide really helpful and give me lots of inspiration to get started become a travel photographer. November 8, at pm. Iam really impressed with the knowledge that you shared through your experience. Your guidance is awesome. Thanks a lot for your valuable information. Michael Wahl. Love your site!