Manual Etiquette within the Social Dance

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Ballroom Dance Etiquette

YES, the hygiene is mandatory. Frequently, the people come to the dance courses or clubs directly from the work after a long and exhausting day. This is not an excuse. The shower, deodorant and a clean shirt are just a few essential accessories. YES, the politeness is mandatory throughout the dance.

YES, the ladies can also invite to the dance. YES, you can refuse when someone invites you, but do it politely and eventually give an explanation. YES, it's completely rude to interrupt a pair while dancing to salute them. YES , in the salsa dancing you can invite more partners at the same time for a dance.

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YES, the dance ends at the same time with the music. YES, the smile does wonders. DO NOT invite immediately after being refused. Or if you really want to dance, invite somebody from another part of the room. If you talk, you cannot listen to the music. Besides, in order to cover the high level of the music from the club, you should shout in the ear of the partners, what is not recommended. Dance, enjoy yourself of what you do and postpone the explanations for the dance courses.

However, if you do it it is preferable instead of an alcohol soaked breath , do it with discretion.

The Jazz Monkey

Well since you linked to polldaddy, I can indeed conclude that you are a douchebag. While I agree with all the main points, I have to say: this was very hard to read, due to analogy overload. I guess one has to try to be original, what with all the other hundreds of articles published on the matter. There were some funny lines in there, so all is not lost. All kidding aside, thanks for taking the time to comment. The sex ratio leaves about one of one sex to two of the other. So, should there be a rule of etiquette to handle that situation?

Oh, I left out a description of the problem. Either half the men or half the women get to dance very little and the other half get to dance a lot. You raise an interesting question, Zack.

It would be up to the instructor to set the ground rules of the dance. In ice dancing, ladies are flighted, meaning that they can only skate every other time. I guess that the dance instructor could do the same thing with the men if there is an abundance of men and with the women if there is an abundance of women. I think that this should be part of standard dance etiquette anytime that a significant imbalance of the sexes occurs, such as when a studio lets people go as singles to a dance. So, what is etiquette about if not about caring for other people in practical ways?

Thanks for engaging my points, JM.

Elements of Dance Etiquette

Our discussion raised a new question for me. What is etiquette to you?

Dance Etiquettes: Personal Grooming (group 3)

You have to strive to be the best person that you can be, be kind, be generous, yes, absolutely. But marrying to make others happy is, for lack of a better word, bollocks. I think there are a lot of really hard things you have to do to be genuinely happy. For a lot of people it means battling with their fears and it is neither fun or easy.

2. The Invitation

Etiquette is, as everything today, very personal. Would I demand it from you and create rules to that effect? Absolutely not. Having […].

The 10 Commandments of the Social Dance Floor

Reblogged this on Swing Long and Prosper and commented: If I blog for years, I hope to one day write something as awesome as this. Sounds like everyone is one step away from being labeled a douchebag. This said, the dance world is generally very welcoming and forgiving at least where I come from , always ready to help you out in times of trouble. I hope you enjoy your future dances! Si fueris Romae, and so forth. My dad taught me some dancing when I was growing up.

And I love dancing I have a lot of natural ability and would love to further it… But this article just makes me never want to set foot in a dance again. I know what a dance is. This article is just really negative and mean.

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I understand wanting to be ironic and humorous, but this is just a mean hearted article that really has good points but they are so judgemental and off putting. I can totally see how someone could see it that way. Sounds like something you fear might happen and your mind just put it in there. Mostly well put. However, I would respectively request the removal of using G-d and Jesus as swear words, as it IS down right disrespectively. I cannot recommend it although I would have if it was cleaner or cleaned up.

Sure that could be very easy to do. Please dig deep inside of you to find that sense of humour your religion has buried in there somewhere. After all his all-knowing father gave Zack the gift of being able to write with such elegance. I am sorry, the dance floor is no place for your sad self. You got everything kinda wrong. Dead-on article. It did not rate its own Commandment, but was used, exquisitely, as an example in the 10th Commandment. Oh really?

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