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Has Anybody Seen a Story? I love car trip memories in the wood paneled station wagon from the 70's with my sister and brother in the back seat all squishied up. I wish we could live on the road with a vintage wood paneled station wagon and an Airstream. Maybe we should look into busking for a living.

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  • Ah yes, my childhood car trips also consisted of many apple and eve juice boxes I always begged fro Ecto Cooler instead and fights with my sister over who had to pass the food up to my parents and whose feet the cooler bag should be under. There is a great deli en route to my grandparents house Rein's for those of you from CT, and my sister and hated it so much for years because it meant that there was no way we would get to eat at McDonald's a special treat that we only got on road trips and airports.

    Eating at Rein's recently, I was surprised at how good it is. Many summers my sisters and I were packed in the station wagon for several hours at a time, filled with excitement at the adventure that lay ahead, keeping busy with books and drawing supplies. Boy always drives and I'm in charge of the food. He loves Sun Chips, but I bring the fruit and nuts pistachios or almonds. If we're going to the beach, we'll pack a cooler with goat cheese, avocado, tomato baugette to split!

    Travel safely, friend! I like anything with peanut butter ants on a log would be good and also, sunflower seeds. I think my parents vetoed Bugles on our road trips because my sister and I had to toot doo-doo-doo-doooo! We had plenty of juice boxes, but we'd wait until we got across the border to get Tim's potato chips or Thundercrunch chips.