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This mop, though, can take care of both large areas and small touch ups quickly and with ease. While the solution that comes with the mop kit is the all-in-one product, Bona also makes one specifically for hardwoods. It provides a nice shine without feeling sticky afterwards. Its pads are circular, interlocking the rotating heads that add muscle to the steam heat process. It is a multipurpose tool to clean any sealed bare floor surface.

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If grease is a problem on your wood floors, a proprietary multi-surface cleaning solution can be added to the tank. An on-demand sprayer with trigger activation adds more water or solution where needed. A trend in complaints is about the drying capability of the mop pads. People note that they may sop up liquid, but they have to be wrung out or replaced often. Even with that, they still leave water behind. As with any other hardwood steam cleaning unit, your wood needs to be sealed before using this machine.

The buffing action could damage thin seals, too, with time. Buy extra pads so you can change them often as you clean and dry your floor. It delivers steam at three levels to allow you to match the cleaning power to the dirt. A steam blaster adds even more cleaning power. What sets it apart from other steam machines, though, is the double-sided pad. Use one for the steam application and suck up dirt, then dry with the other side if you choose. The pad system allows you to change the pad without touching it. One touch attaches it and another releases it, right into your washer if you like.

These microfiber pads also have channels to help direct your steam where you need it and pick up dirt like magnets. The water tank is 12 ounces , which some customers may find limiting in area to cover. For small spaces with multiple kinds of bare floor surfaces, though, it is ideal. If your sealed flooring brand recommends mild soap and water or water alone, this Shark makes it easy to clean. It comes with multiple washable pads in different widths, including one designed for high dirt situations.

A degree swivel head changes direction easily and helps you get to those confined spaces. The MR. SIGA brand comes with a clip-down system to holds pads in place. Those pads can be used for cleaning or for other purposes, like floor waxing.