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I know plenty people of Caribbean descent who are not happy with dancehall ractchetness. Mar 30, 6. Is't it Americans themselves who label some American dances ratchet? I'm confused. Mar 30, 7.

The Ratchet Girl’s Guide To Keeping It ‘Classy’ Over The Holigays

I'm Puerto Rican, born and raised on the island. Twerkin' out here is called Perreo.

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It's ratchet as fuck, has been since the early 90's and always will be. Mar 30, 8. Mar 30, 9. Mar 30, I am of Caribbean descent and American raised and to me they are both ratchet. I am not going to front and act like I don't like it when a random chicks grinds on my peen but I still consider to be rachet woman behavior.

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It is not classy at all even though I like it but then again I am a male, different social standards. She has that "hey mirin, I want your D" look. It's all ratchet and distasteful to me :dunno:. Same reason girls in the states dressing provocatively and gyrating in the streets is called ghetto trashiness, but the pictures above aren't.

It's all trashy to me.

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