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Bobby Orr redefined the defensive style of hockey.

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He was the first to infuse offensive juice to the defenseman position, driving up the ice, setting up players, and scoring some goals of his own. There was nothing like it before Orr. He was the first player to win three straight MVP awards and the first defenseman to score 20 or more goals in a season.

His most famous goal won the Boston Bruins the Stanley Cup in for the first time in 29 years--against the St. Louis Blues in overtime. History will also remember Bobby Orr as a key figure in the Alan Eagleson scandal and as the unfortunate player forced into early retirement in because of his injuries.

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His is a story of dramatic highs and lows. In show more. Rating details.

Searching for Bobby Orr

The book was overall an easy read but also included a few deep thoughts that made you think or rethink about changes in professional sports. I especially enjoyed the passage about how sports heroes are held to different standards than movie or rock stars, because they are seen a role models. I agree and found it captivating that the trust between sports reporters and athletes has become nonexistent. Brunt proposes that Orr has a role in shaping the current environment. Being from Northern Ontario, I appreciated the Parry Sound portrayal and felt like I understand where Bobby came from, even if I am more than 30 years his junior.

The only two weaknesses in my opinion is his constant reminders that Orr was amazing a bit over the top and I found the early-to-mid chapters a little jumpy, moving from junior to professional then back to junior.

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But overall, I felt this is a must read for any fan of professional hockey or hockey in general. Highly recommended! Bobby Orr! There are not many sports hero's that are so untouchable and secretive than Mr. Orr, yet an admirable effort to bring the essence of the mystic legend to light..

Brunt gave us a good understanding of Orr's formative years and a sence of the time and challenges the Orr's faced. Brunt's writing brought you to the rinks, the punishing games, the injuries, the politics and a sence that Orr had a dark side. We became privy to a more intimate person and the dynamics of the NHL. I feel that there is a great deal more we may one day know of Mr.

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Orr, in some ways, I'm just fine with knowing what I know from Mr. Brunt and this book. I enjoyed this book, I hope that you do too. Extra Content. No barrier but the banks and the horizon, the ice stretching far out into the bay. Soon enough, the cold seemed to disappear, even for the boy who always insisted on lacing up barefoot — it just felt better, more natural, that way. Take the puck, and try to hold it. Keep away.

Searching for Bobby Orr

Offer it up, then pull it back, tuck it behind the blade, make it disappear. Sleight of hand, sleight of feet. Speed up, change direction, the motion natural, deceptive, economical, graceful.

go No churning legs or laboured strides, even on beat-up, second-hand skates. He is smaller than the rest, a skinny kid, scrawny, no meat on his bones at all. Size and muscle are of no use, without corners, without ends, without limits. There are no coaches standing by, waiting to impose their will. No parents shouting at the side. That simplistic view more or less continued as I grew out of childhood and moved on from sports. Now, coming back to it all with a lot more knowledge about the world, including how brutal, sad and cynical the business of professional sports can be, it was interesting to catch up on all the links in the chain of Orr's trajectory as athlete and marketing phenom.

All the historical detail about the NHL and its expansion and the comparisons to the business issues with other sports and their stars painted a clearer picture of the world in which my former idol moved and worked.

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    Only Ken Dryden's "The Game" rivals this one, in my mind, for hockey writing excellence. Though, at only 42, I am too young to remember seeing the greatest defenseman ever play the game, I do recall his retirement ceremony at the old Boston Garden, when grown men cried at the sight of Bobby Orr in a suit instead of on skates. Just as Bill Russell is a Boston legend I never had the opportunity to see perform, Bobby Orr will forever live in my memory as the thoughtful and highly intelligent, youngish looking man who is deloved by New Englanders for all he had done.

    Highly recommended for all sports fans! November 1, - Published on Amazon. Author did a tremendous job! August 27, - Published on Amazon. Who doesn't love Bobby Orr.