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I, to them its origins are shrouded in myths, and enshrined as the "Flame", a receptacle of the wisdom and spirit of previous Commanders. Due to the rejection of A. The Fleimkepa is responsible for retrieval of the Flame from the previous Commander and overseeing the Conclave for the selection of the new Commander. The Flame is then implanted in the newly chosen Commander during a ceremony of Ascension.

It is shown that the Flame literally keeps the spirits of the previous Commanders within it, or at least copies of their minds. The current Commander can use the Flame to call upon the previous Commanders for wisdom. However, one of these spirits is Sheidheda , the Dark Commander which requires a Separation Ritual calling upon the spirits of the previous Commanders to isolate Sheidheda from the current Commander. In Matryoshka , Raven Reyes realizes that Sheidheda has managed to somehow manipulate the AI into isolating the code containing the spirits of the other Commanders.

As a result, Raven believes that the code containing the spirits can be deleted and thus they can remove Sheidheda from the Flame for good. Raven notes that it seems like the Flame's AI is trying to protect Sheidheda for some reason. In turn, Sheidheda is able to briefly possess Madi's body and claims to be able to kill Madi if he is deleted from the Flame.

In The Blood of Sanctum , Sheidheda is able to avoid the Flame's deletion by uploading himself to an unknown location, but it is unknown if the other Spirits of the Commanders survived in a similar manner. In Thirteen , Clarke interrupts Lexa as she is meditating. It is possible that at that moment, Lexa was asking her predecessors for help to decide what to do about Skaikru.

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Later during Season 5 , she seems to have received memories from Lexa since she now knows things Clarke never told her and that only Lexa could have known. However, a past Commander called Sheidheda , the Dark Commander, has tried to influence new Commanders ever since he died by telling them in their visions to kill their Flamekeeper as he did, or in Madi's case, even take over their body and make decisions for them. To keep this from happening, the Flamekeeper have come up with a procedure which requires a Separation Ritual calling upon the spirits of the other previous Commanders to isolate Sheidheda from the current Commander.

When Sheidheda was trying to influence Madi, he appeared to her in a dark room lit only with candles that looked as though it might be in Polis. It is unknown if this is a place the other Spirits of past Commanders use as well or if Sheidheda is the only one. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. E 2 will. Contents [ show ]. The Flame is activated. The Flame is implanted into a new successor. The Flame - BTS.

ALIE 2. T Angelus Ballack. JCB95 wrote: Everything you said is right except the guy with Emori was her brother she stated it numerous times. Psyche follows the same pattern. Our insights, revelations, and synchronicities meaningful coincidences are holographic processes. Universal principles pattern, structure, and permeate the human psyche and the world of human experience on many levels "As Above, So Below". Change comes from the expansion of configurational patterns over time. Jung observed that certain dreams, myths, hallucinations and religious symbols are shared by many people and cultures.

Cultural structures and practices are: 1 fractally self-similar; 2 part-whole relations that recur at all scales; 3 fractal self-similarity has implications for character; 4 the model of fractal holography helps us perceive similarities at different scales in seemingly unrelated phenomena.

Our brains learn to edit out many of the frequency patterns, leaving selective subsets of information available to our conscious awareness. Seemingly random phenomena only appear chaotic because we are have filtered out the critical information necessary to discern the true underlying pattern, or order of infinitely higher degree. We believe we are observing chaos without any underlying pattern since we perceive only a fraction of available information. Like a living organism, a paradigm maintains itself by feeding on data that it can digest and propagating itself through time.

If the paradigm is exposed to anomalous data that it cannot digest, however, it begins to be stressed and pushed away from its former state of stability.

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If the anomalous data persist, a crisis results in a reorganization of the structures that characterized the very identity of the paradigm. Jung found the holistic order of psyche and matter mirrored in the alchemical notion of the unus mundus and synchronicity -- the harmony or disharmony surrounding the individual. Synchronistic events in the inner world behave as if outside and the outer world behaves as if inside. Archetypes are the elements of such primordial self-organizing patterning potential.

Vacuum fluctuations connected to everything and everywhere define the uncertainty principle. Reducing its energy density, cosmos sacrifices its unity in the creation of forms. These limited self-interactions are the basis for the stability of distinct forms. Complexity arises from self-organization.

Stabilized particles bind together into more complex forms and novel composite forms. The first emergence is the universe. At the point of emergence a complex system has an inconceivably vast array of possible configurations.

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Through synergistic association of elementary entities, composite beings emerge with their own unique identities. Fractal models or holographic models don't explain emergence. Fractal geometry maps reality in a numerical fashion as it exists in the micro and macro realms.

They show that simple iteration appears to liberate the hidden complexity as creative potential. Everything from stars to our genes manifest expressions of complexity rising over the course of cosmic time. Obviously, the cosmos , at least locally, has produced complex and highly organized systems.

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Your Eternal Hologram by Avatar Svadi Hatra

Life, mind, consciousness, and healing may be emergent properties, as the the emergence of dynamic structure. Neither scale nor complexity are a fingerprint of design. Chaos becomes pattern. To understand is to perceive pattern. Incarnations of nature, archetypes are primal patterns that mold nature, energy and matter, including that of ourselves.

Fractal geometry illustrates that shapes have self-similarity at descending scales. Such systems are always likely to give rise to greater complexity.

Study reveals substantial evidence of holographic universe

The edge of chaos represents the ideal balance between stability and propensity to explore change. Beauty is a harmony of contrasts. Because of its very nature a chaotic system cannot be decomposed. If consciousness is pure information it is not limited to physical form. Its patterning may emerge from chaotic dynamics operating at the quantum level, where the "no-thing" of pure information becomes a structured "some-thing," through intentionality coupled with chaotic determinism self-organized emergent order.

The undecomposable level of chaotic consciousness is experienced as the pure, unconditioned imprint of the whole. Fractals are one of the keys to life, reflecting the multidimensional nature of consciousness. Digital mapping is broadcast within the electromagnetic spectrum and throughout eternity. The wholeness of each fractal level contains many probabilities as superpositions. Countless quantum states of different magnitudes impinge into 3D forms. Apply this to holography and we may have something approaching reality.

The holographic "blueprint" manifests the outward appearance from different probabilities. A complete gradient of contexts from the microscopic to the macroscopic can be kindled or regenerated from a virtual-state holographic matrix which contains all the states and probabilities. Our perceptions manifest fractal organization from the virtuality of the potential gradient spectrum. Concepts such as location break down in a universe in which nothing is truly separate from anything else, including time and three-dimensional space.

Fractal distribution of galaxies may be interpreted as a signature of holography "fractal holography''. The human body is not an object in space, but seamlessly welded to the cosmic fabric of reality. We are not merely a phenomenal body of flesh, but one of awareness, of consciousness, a living interface of inner and outer field phenomena.

The brain is not confined to our skull, but permeates our whole being through the intracellular matrix and sensory system, as well as the strong EM fields generated by the beating heart. The multidimensional nature of consciousness is a holographic energy expression of a non-spacetime condition. Archetypes are rooted in or emerge from the holographic source field as attractors that govern their evolution over time, or rather a set of physical properties toward which a system tends to evolve. Just as the attractor for life is the efficient liberation of bound energy, the attractor for consciousness is the liberation of bound psychic energy, the energy that is contained in the unconscious, both collectively and individually.

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The archetype's evolution through the set of possible physical states is nonperiodic chaotic. Chaotic systems manifest as self-similar fractal or reiterative structures that repeat at all levels of observation. Its set of states defines a fractal set. Patterns repeat at all scales. Organization is present within the randomness but its future state remains unpredictable. Interference patterns of waves can be visualized interacting like ripples on a pond.

At the quantum level they create matter and energy as we perceive them as lifelike 3-dimenional effects.

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Consciousness and matter share the same essence, differing by degrees of subtlety or density. The essence of the transformative process is revealed in the fractal nature of imagery and symbols--i. Strange attractors condition and govern the transformative process through the complexity of information in dynamic flow. Emergent consciousness is not an epiphenomenon of the brain. Rather it is the transformational process of non-manifest, undifferentiated consciousness emerging into manifestation.